Hello Ladies and gentleman. Today I will tell you the most important thinks about the book east of Eden.

East of Eden is a book from the us American writer and literature Nobel price taker John Steinbeck. He wrote the book 1952 and it gives also an film about it. He made the film 1955.


The book tells the story about Adam and his brother Charles. Booth were fit but Charles was every time in everything better than Adam. The father was for a short time a soldier but when he was only a short time in war he got wounded.  The father was very hard with the kids. He wanted that Adam go to the army. That was a sight of love. Charles got angry and tried to kill Adam with an ax. Adam survived and went to army. After a very long time the father died and Adam went home. Charles wasn't angry any more. The father let them much money. They was rich and everything was wonderful. Then came Cathy Ames. Now I will read something.  Not long after that, Cathy burned her house with her parents inside there down. She went away from her home. In another city she met Mr Edwards. She made that Mr Edwards bought her a house. When Cathy was dunked she told Mr Edwards everything about her. He hit her half death. She could rescued herself to the house of Adam and Charles. Adam was fallen in love in her. He married her. But in a few nights later Cathy went into the bed of Charles while Adam slept. This was the end of the book.